Adam Balderstone - Animal Osteopath Treating horses & Dogs
Adam Balderstone - Animal OsteopathTreating horses & Dogs
Equine Asessment
Stretching out a Clydesdale
Big Foot!

Animal Manipulation

If you suspect your horse is unwell the first point of call is your veterinary surgeon.


Once your Vet has ruled out a serious condition, he or she may wish to refer you to Adam Balderstone, a qualified animal osteopath.  


Your horse may be under par because of stresses or strains on the musculoskeletal system.  


Osteopaths are experts in recognising and treating problems of this nature.


Where human athletes have an array of therapists to help them reach their potential,  horses generally are asked to perform on a daily basis with little or no support.  


Simply carrying a rider is quite a feat of balance and athleticism!


Welcome to Animal Osteopathy.

Adam Balderstone's, attention to the detail of movement and structure enables him to see, palpate and understand where problems are emanating from within your horse.

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